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The Commonwealth

Aug 31, 2020

Ralph Castner rejoins the Commonwealth to discuss the hunting and fishing industry since the coronavirus pandemic. He then recaps his first appearance followed by the re-airing of that episode.

Ralph Castner is the former Chief Financial Officer of Cabela's and Bass Pro. He is a current advisory through Rush Creek...

Aug 27, 2020

The Commonwealth was the first podcast to receive an X Games press pass in the history of the sport. As we recap some of the top episodes from our first year, we're re-releasing our episodes with Scotty James, Maddie Mastro and Brett Turcotte.

If you enjoyed this episode, please leave a review and...

Aug 24, 2020

After the first year of operation, the Commonwealth is revisiting some of the best conversations from the past year. For this week's episode, Nick Castner sits down with renowned British artist Barnaby Barford. Barford uses familiar iconography to subvert the telling of ancient cautionary tales within a contemporary...

Aug 17, 2020

As the Commonwealth approaches our first year of operation, we are re-airing some of our favorite episodes we've created to date. This week, we revisit the conversation we had with Amanda Valentine. Amanda is a fashion design and reality TV star who's worked with celebrities like Maroon 5 and 21 Pilots. She shares with...

Aug 10, 2020

Jen Landis is an artist, entrepreneur and public speaker. Her company, Pincurl Girl, designs products to inspire confidence in tweens and teens. After overviewing her artistic approach to solving the problem, Jen discusses her business model and perspective on the harms facing our youth.

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