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The Commonwealth

Mar 29, 2021

Clark & Enersen is a nationally renown design firm that has shaped the architecture industry since 1946. Kate Hier and Shawn Diederich, two board members from the firm, join the show to discuss the history of the firm and the next era of architecture.

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This episode is...

Mar 22, 2021

Some of the creators of the Commonwealth, Nick Castner, Ashley Hanson, and Hunter Bergman, discuss the updated strategy around the brand. They also provide their own perspectives around the COVID vaccine and share their excitement for the era after COVID.

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Mar 18, 2021

The Commonwealth's host, Nick Castner, joins a roundtable of leaders from different industries to discuss the future of social media in 2021. Nick is joined by:

  • Landon Rhodes, Owner & Founder of Grindstone Media
  • Megan Swanson, Miss Nebraska USA & CEO of Powerhouse Pageantry
  • Taylor Gage, Director of Communications for...